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Paint Protection


Stage 1

Stage 1 correction is generally recommended for newer cars where the paintwork is well maintained and has little to no scratches and swirl marks. This service will leave your car in a showroom condition.

Stage 1 correction includes:

  • Wash and decontamination
  • Finishing polish


Stage 2

Stage 2 correction is our most popular service. It’s generally recommended for cars with little to medium paint defects. A stage 2 correction is intended to remove light scratches and swirl marks giving your car a brand new look again.

Stage 2 correction includes:

  • Wash and decontamination
  • A medium cut enhancement and finishing polish


Stage 3

Stage 3 correction is our most intense service. It’s generally recommended for cars with severe paint defects, heavy swirl marks/ scratches and faded paintwork. The deep cut and polish work revives your paintwork and brings it back to life.

Stage 3 correction includes:

  • Wash and decontamination
  • A deep cut enhancement followed by a lighter cut and finishing polish
Paint Protection


Stage 1 correction + paint coating

Stage 2 correction + paint coating

Stage 3 correction + paint coating

frequently asked questions

Does paint protection stop scratches? 

Paint protection is a clear layer of coating which is applied onto the paintwork. It serves as a protective layer against multiple factors such as watermarks, paint fading, bird droppings and tree sap. Nevertheless, paint protection does not prevent deep scratches, dents, and stone chips. 

What does a paint correction do?

Paint correction is a service that we provide which results in paint enhancement such as the removal of watermarks, light scratches and swirl marks. To achieve the best results, we ensure that we use the correct buffing techniques, buffing pads, and compounds. 

How long does a paint coating last on a car? 

The short answer is up to eight years. A paint coating will give your car a showroom look anywhere from two to eight years, depending on the product you choose. Some products could even last the lifetime of your car. However, prolonging the duration of the paint coating on your car requires the appropriate level of self maintenance once our service is completed. 

Tips to maintaining your car post service: 

  • Wash your car on a regular basis. We recommend a fortnightly wash. 
  • Avoid washing your car in direct sunlight. We suggest washing your car in a shaded or covered area. 
  • Use the 2 bucket method to wash your car. This involves filling one bucket with the washing soap and water, and the other bucket with just water. Rinse your wash mitt in the plain water after each clean to avoid the build up of dirt and dust. Also ensure to use seperate wash buckets and mitts for the wheels. 
  • Wash your car with proper vehicle wash soap and wash mitts. 

Can you get a paint coating done without doing a paint correction? 

You can choose to get a paint coating applied to your car without doing a paint correction. However, doing so will not achieve the same results because any defect in the paint will not be enhanced. Skipping the paint correction step will also affect your warranty. We highly recommend having a paint correction done prior to applying the paint coating in order to achieve a satisfactory outcome. 

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